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Pavlok is a wrist device that gives people a shock when they perform a bad habit. It also helps to maintain personal habits. There are three different versions of Pavlok. Aside from the wearable device, Pavlok offers coaching and a membership program. The company also offers a six-month money-back guarantee.

Pavlok Net Worth

The company has received funding from IncWell, JJ Virgin, Bolt, David Asprey, and Scott N Miller. While the total amount of funding is $2 million, pavlok net worth 2022 is estimated at more than two million dollars in 2022.

Founded in 2012, Pavlok is the result of a productivity experiment that founder Maneesh Singh Sethi conducted. He wanted to find a way to help others focus better.

After he discovered a solution to this problem, he invented the Pavlok wrist device. It delivers a 340-volt electric shock to the user’s wrist. These small shocks are accompanied by audio and visual cues to help users break their bad habits.

Introduction to Pavlok

Inventor Maneesh Sethi created Pavlok, a wristband that delivers an electrical shock when a user is about to perform a bad habit. He claims it helps people overcome their cravings.

Before Pavlok appeared on Shark Tank, it had raised $800,000 from pre-orders. During the pitch, Pavlok’s inventor Maneesh Sethi had asked for a $500,000 investment for 3.14% of the company. However, he did not get the deal.

In addition to the failure of the Pavlok pitch, Maneesh was unable to sell the device. He tried to raise funds for the increase pavlok company value through an Indiegogo campaign. Afterwards, he worked as the Editor-in-Chief of Hack the System.

After the Shark Tank episode, Pavlok’s inventor Maneesh found himself with a tough decision to make. The company was still making sales, but the entrepreneur had a hard time gaining trust after the show.

Pavlok net worth

Pavlok’s Product Offerings

Its product offerings include three wristbands. These wristbands are available for different price points. The first one is for $14, the second one is for $149, and the third is for $219.

The Pavlok Shock Clock is one of the company’s newest products. This device can help users stop nail biting. In addition, it is designed to help with improving focus and concentration.

There is also a program called Pavlok Coach that helps users set goals and monitor progress. Users can set specific goals and then receive daily reminders to help them reach their targets.

Pavlok company value and pavlok worth

Pavlok’s founder Maneesh Sethi studied clinical psychology at Stanford. He drew inspiration for his invention from his own experience of social media addiction. After he developed the device, he ran an Indiegogo campaign to raise money. His fundraising efforts raised five times the target amount.

When he was featured on Shark Tank, the pitch drew more attention. The Sharks were skeptical of his product. However, after the episode, Pavlok’s sales grew and the company saw a surge in revenue.

Pavlok’s Market Position and Opportunities

As part of its habit-change process, Pavlok uses visual and audio cues, as well as social accountability through an online community support network. Users receive daily prompts and are rewarded with a limited amount of time to complete a Desired Action.

If the Pavlok app detects you are engaging in a bad habit, it will issue an alert and allow you to take a desired action, such as going for a walk or hitting the gym. You can also set up multiple devices with your account. Each device will have a unique set of habits.

Strategies for Improving Pavlok Net Worth 2022

In fact, Pavlok was named the finalist in the MassChallenge accelerator program in 2015. Since its introduction in 2014, the Pavlok has seen steady growth and its unique range of products continues to garner interest.

Before launching his crowdfunding campaign, Maneesh worked on his foundation work and started a blog. This led him to appear on Shark Tank. When he pitched the product, he was hoping for a deal that would net him $500,000 for 3.14% equity in the company.

While his pitch did not lead to a deal at Shark Tank, it did garner coverage in a variety of tech sites. He also wrote an article for the Medium website about his experiences on the show.

However, the biggest draw for many people was that he was able to raise $283,827 in his IndieGoGo campaign. Although it may have been the largest funding campaign of its time, Maneesh was unable to secure a deal with the Sharks.


Pavlok is a smart wristband that helps people stop bad habits and improve their fitness. pavlok net worth 2022 is estimated at more than two million dollars in 2022. It is a similar device to Fitbit. The company offers a coaching program to help users reach their goals. This device can give electric shocks of up to 340 volts to help users break bad habits.


Is Pavlok still in business

Yes, Pavlok is still in business and is selling a wide range of products, such as wearable devices, apps, and accessories. They are dedicated to helping people achieve their goals through positive reinforcement and behavior modification. Their products are designed to help people create lasting habits and break bad ones.

Is Pavlok successful

Pavlok has had various levels of success among its users. Many people have reported great results in breaking bad habits, such as quitting smoking or nail biting, by using Pavlok’s electric shock system. Others have found the product to be less effective. Ultimately, it depends on your individual goals and motivation to find success.

What happened to Pavlok after shark tank

After appearing on Shark Tank, Pavlok continued to develop and refine their product. The company has gone on to create a variety of products to help people reach their goals, including a wearable device that helps people break bad habits, a mobile app, and a virtual coaching program. They have also released a range of accessories and add-ons to their products to make them even more effective.

How much is pavlok watch net worth

The company has received funding from IncWell, JJ Virgin, Bolt, David Asprey, and Scott N. Miller. While the total amount of funding is $2 million, pavlok watch net worth 2022 is estimated at more than two million dollars in 2022.

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