Samsung Galaxy Note 9 reveal the image, there is a white front version?


It looks nice, but the white version of Note 9 will highlight the camera and the sensor.

Currently, smartphone design can be divided into three groups. Future-oriented groups include the Vivo NEX and the Oppo Find X, the rabbit-screen group of smartphones that resemble the iPhone X and the last of all the rest.

Between the last two groups is the smartphone model is less prominent but still has a minimalist screen border. This group is mainly smartphone Samsung and Note 9 coming out is expected also among them.

Two new photos posted by the Ice Universe leaker show us two things. First, Note 9 is still loyal to traditional screen design, not trend followers. Second, Note 9 may have a white front version.

There are two reasons why Note 9 does not have a notch screen. First, the last few years Samsung has invested heavily in the design and features of the curved two-sided. And until now, this is still the point that makes Samsung smartphone prominent in the market. Second, Samsung does not want to be called again a copy of Apple and also do not want to be sued by Apple.

Version Note 9 with a white front at a certain angle does not look like completely borderline. Although eye catching, it also highlights the circular holes for the camera and many of the sensors on the top.

In terms of specs, Note 9 will be quite similar to the S9 launched earlier this year and of course it will also be equipped with AR Emoji. Note 9’s fingerprint sensor location is expected to change, moving to the center of the bottom of the camera cluster instead of the side as shown on Note 8.

Samsung has officially confirmed Note 9 will be released on 9/8 to. However, the main star of the event will be the new S Pen, not Note 9 because the design of the machine seems unchanged compared to Note 8.

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