Samsung troll iPhone download speeds as slow as turtles


Samsung Galaxy S9 and iPhone X since launch are two enemies do not share heaven. Recently, Samsung has video ads ridicule their opponents.

In the marketplace, an advantage is less than the opponent is extremely lucky. For the case of Samsung Galaxy S9 and iPhone X too, when the Galaxy S9 has the advantage of faster download speeds than the iPhone X. Samsung recently took advantage of this to make a non-advertising video that was ridiculous, denigrating its rivals.

This is not the first time Samsung has directly put Apple products into promotional videos, and it may not be the last. And Apple is not a “gentle,” it will soon be hit back to Samsung. But perhaps the best response of Apple is to upgrade the iPhone 2018 so that it can surpass the Samsung Galaxy. Let’s see what these upgrades are in September.

So,If you are, do you choose iPhone X or 8 or Samsung S9?

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