Tunisia 1-2 England: The wonderful reward in minute 90+2


Overwhelmed and created opportunities but England still have to wait to 90+2 to have 2-1 victory over Tunisia.

More appreciated, England team full of confidence and excitement. British players constantly squeeze Tunisia and create a series of opportunities in just the first few minutes. Jesse Lingard took the lead after 3 minutes, but failed to beat Hassen.

After a few minutes, it was Raheem Sterling’s chance to miss the opportunity. After a beautiful combination of Harry Kane and Lingard, Sterling just padded the ball into the empty box, but he shot off the ball very ungainly.

Even so, the British do not have to wait long to celebrate. 11 minutes, from the left corner of Young, John Stones hit the ball to make the goalkeeper Hassen can not push the ball safely. As the result, the ball emerged in place of Kane picking up and the captain of England just to make the scoring buffer score.

Just the better, England play more and more excitement. They continue to create tremendous pressure on Tunisia. Afrikaner’s agent was forced to leave the field on the 15th, giving Ben Mustapha the lead.

The England team then created a series of delicious food, but Sterling, Stones, Lingard in turn miss the fee is very difficult to understand. Spending two separate times, England pay a heavy price for Walker’s blunders. 35 minutes, Man City defender swung too high in a dangerous situation and Ben Youssef was just waiting to fall. Referee Roldan immediately points to the penalties despite the opposition of the British. On an 11m spot, Sassi coldly beat pickford, bringing the equalizer 1-1 to Tunisia.

The equalizer, the England team overflowing attack. They did not take much time to score, but again, Lingard hit the ball too badly. Not only that, Lingard is also black when hit the ball once hit the post. The score was 1-1 to keep the first half.

In the second half, the situation became more difficult with England as Tunisia re-established the squad and played tight defense. The Tunisian squad is no longer too high and constantly pushed the British attacking players with little chance of coherence. Therefore, they did not create many opportunities to eat table as first half.

The players in the first half as Lingard, Sterling and Alli are all lost before the forest player white shirt. In the 68th minute, Southgate manager Rashford came on as a substitute for Sterling. This change has a positive impact. Rashford’s ability to hold a breakthrough gives a fresh edge to England’s offensive. They started to put pressure on Tunisia and saw hope.

In the 80th, Southgate coach Loftus-Cheek put on Alli’s replacement and sent a powerful strike into Tunisia’s left wing. Chelsea players have a good run down the ball but the cross is not accurate. Time goes on and many people think of the result. At that moment, Kane spoke again.

90 + 2, still from a corner kick situation, Kane picked the right spot to hit the Tunisia net at close range. In this phase, goalkeeper Mustapha was even fooled by Kane and could not react. 2-1 for the English and the remaining time too little to Tunisia overturned the flag.

Win hard but England has the most important is 3 points. In the next round, they could win tickets if they beat Panama. Tunisia, meanwhile, will have to fight Belgium if it does not want to bring suitcase early.

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